Thursday, 15 October 2009

Alexandra Burke Exclusive Live Session at MTV Studios

Rickie Haywood-Williams in glamourous suit

Alexandra Burke works the crowd

The beautiful and equally talented Alexandra Burke

All images courtesy of my camera/phone!

Hosted by MTV Presenter Rickie Haywood-Williams on Thursday the 15th October 2009, Alexandra Burke performed an exclusive live session at MTV studios. Alexandra recorded some pieces to camera for of Viva Live a new flagship music chart show for a new UK television station titled Viva. Viva Television is coming to freeview and will replace TMF. Alexandra wowed the studio audience with her skills as a presenter and live performances of Bad Boys, Hallelujah and an unreleased track They don't know from her debut album Overcome which will be a sure fire hit. In between takes Alexandra spoke to fans, signed autographs and had her picture taken despite the fact that there was no cameras or flash photography allowed. Alexandra was pitch perfect and looked amazing, the interview segment was an excellent part of the show. The taping of the show was an enjoyable experience. Alexandra really did hit the ball out of the damn park vocally and her performance to audience and camera was on point. 

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