Sunday, 28 November 2010


Out with the old in with the new, there is nothing wrong with wearing Timberland boots, in order to move to a higher plateaux as you start to earn more money you aught to be able to invest in a pair of suade boots, the ambitious post graduate gentleman knows that suade boots can look either distinguished or laid back, depending on how you wear them. Pair them with jeans and a cardigan on the weekend, or a grey suit/straight fit trousers and a jumper during the working week. The possibilities are endless.

Lloyd Banks On MTV2'S Sucker Free

Mr. Hudson - Anyone But Him (Feat. Kanye West)

This is the 4th Video from Mr Hudson's solo album Straight No Chaser featuring Kanye West.

Drake Live From Radio City Music Hall

Beyonce I Am Yours World.Tour ABC Special

Keyshia Cole - I Ain't Thru (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Untitled from HHC Vids on Vimeo.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Your choice of bag can make or break your look. When wearing a suit you shouldn’t carry a shoulder bag from another genre e.g. sports, or casual as your outfit falls into the smart category by default. Ideally you want to opt for a sleek classic and timeless briefcase.


If running low on socks, buy a batch of identical socks e.g. black/navy dress socks, Invisible trainer socks, tube socks etc as required. These can be bought online, or during a lunch break, on the way home from work there are no excuses for poor quality socks with holes in them.

MTV News Extended Play: 50 Cent & Jeremih

Janelle Monáe On Lay It Down With Cee Lo Green

Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me (David Letterman Live)

KiD CuDi Mark Hoppus Interview

Great interview Mark Hoppus asked all the questions that I would have asked.

Monday, 22 November 2010


Did you know that a severed snake head can still attack and emit venom up to an hour after being beheaded?

Why Not Watch A Football Match?

Football fans would be happy to know that when in Ghana champion’s league fixtures are shown without fail at certain night spots on Wednesday. Why not go and watch a football match at the stadium. Outside of Accra prices are a little cheaper. Interestingly in Ghana’s second city it costs C2 to see a match at the stadium and C7 for premiership fixtures.

Bantuma High street.

A busseling street lined with various night spots, serving a variety of bottled continental, local and non alcoholic beverages. It is a lively place to relax and nightlife can be lively however bare in mind that in Ghana going out on the town is reserved for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights as these seem to be when all the actual hotels and clubs are open for business. Exceptions to the rule include match days when in Kumasi Wednesday and Sunday. 

Ghana–Taxis Part 2

There are two mains types of taxis in Ghana, Dropping taxis and shared taxis, The dropping system works in the same way that a taxi cab operates. There are also shared taxis that have travel along a planed route and have a fixed price per person who wishes embarks on the journey to the agreed location, these shared taxis work exactly the same as a tro tro does. The main difference is that Ghanaian taxis are not metered therefore take note of how much you pay for journeys as prices inflate during rush hour and you will need to negotiate a fair price. Taxis account for 80% of road vehicles on the road and are relatively in expensive compared to western standards.


Brightly coloured taxi cabs , typically battered old Peugeots with orange wing panels, a fire extinguisher in the dash board, a brightly coloured air freshener with the united states flag juxtaposed onto it habging from the wing mirror, seats that come in a variety of materials, including leather, foam, material. And there is often a random surprise in the boot, spare tyre, boiler or a huge hole. 

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


We have 2 pairs of tickets for The Script and 1 pair of tickets for Diagram of The Heart tonight in London simply call xxxxxxxxxxx and tell us which gig you want to go to. #must be able to meet in Kensington/Notting Hill Area for 7pm.
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Monday, 1 November 2010

I Like It A Lot - Guide To Ghana

Accra is relatively crime free however never assume that crime doesn’t exist everywhere, statistics would suggest that violent crimes against tourists remain low in comparison to Nairobi, Lagos, or Johannesburg. That being said bag snatching, also hold up’s at gun point and knife point are most likely to happen after dark off popular beach resorts such as Oxford Street and around Osu etc. It pays to be streetwise, follow rules of urban survival as you would in any urban city . in general I have not witnessed anything that would lead me to believe that Accra in general is a cause for concern, as it seems as safe and hassle free as any other African city once you get used to the street urchins and hawkers.

Nicki Minaj - Right Thru Me

I Like It A Lot - Guide To Ghana

Accra mall is located near Sprintex road by Tetteh Quarshie Circle, home to the usual fried fast food joints, the mall is also home to Rhapsody a trendy new South African restaurant specialising in meat and game, excellent cocktails and tasty food, the ice cream still had icicles in it and cost C7 I regretted order it and would prefer to have had a fan ice instead. The portions were meagre and the steak that came with what looked like the best combination on the menu * Laurel and Hardy* C35.00 was tiny. And the portion of chips came on a side plate that looked as if were kids sized, the entire meal left me pissed off thinking I could make better at home. The highlight of the evening without a doubt were the cocktails, most notably the Taxi Cab, Rhapsody transform’s into a club with live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday therefore the venue is over 23’s only after 6pm.

Kanye West 'Runaway' Film

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) X Factor Live